About The 24:00 Projekt

The 24:00 Projekt is a skilled paranormal investigation and research organization based in New Castle, Pennsylvania committed to seeking scientific evidence of paranormal phenomenon. All team members follow strict analytical protocols during investigations and attempt to rule out all naturally occurring phenomenon, such as human influence, environmental affects or errors, by reasonable assumption and scientific processes so that the only other explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature.

While performing investigations we use the latest investigative equipment and detailed procedures. Read more about the quantitative research methods that the 24:00 Projekt team uses to perform our investigations.

The 24:00 Projekt Team

DanDan Simpson - Lead Paranormal Investigator and Founder

DaveDavid Simpson - Paranormal Investigator and Co-Founder

BobBob Stoner - Paranormal Investigator and Webmaster

PattyPatty Conti - Paranormal Investigator and Sensitive

DaveDave Mann - Paranormal Investigator