Local Lawrence County Cemetery

This local cemetery is located in rural Lawrence County Pennsylvania. A church that once stood here and the cemetery date from the mid 1850's. The church was torn down and relocated to a new location a few miles away in the 1970's. The cemetery is still in use.

Our investigation of this location continues on an ongoing basis.

Reported Activity

A newspaper article from the early 20th Century tells the story of a paranormal encounter in 1869 at the church. Over the period of a few days, a ghostly apparition was seen by more than one person. It was a white object with a resemblance to a human figure that seemed to glide over the ground. It would disappear and then reappear at some other spot. Once when it came near the witnesses, they asked what it wanted. In response, it made a groaning sound as if trying to speak. There have been no known reports of encounters with the paranormal since then.

Audio and EVP

"Hello Bob, I'm back. He kicked me." - This recording was captured during our first visit to this location in June 2010. There seems to be two unique voices - one male, one female.

"Hi Bob" - This evp was captured during the Summer of 2011 at the same spot of the previous recording.

"Please Come Back" - A voice clearly whispers "please come back" in this recording.

"Hello" - A female voice says "hello."

"You Don't Have To Go" - Shortly after the investigator says "We're gonna go", a whispered voice says "You don't have to go", right before a frog croak.

"Don't Go" - A male voice whispers "don't go."

"Bob and Dan" - A male voice calls two investigators by name.

"Catherine Hess" - A male voice whispers what sounds like "Catherine Hess". We're unsure if there is a person with this name buried here.

"I Like You" - A hoarse sounding male voice says what sounds like "I like you."

A strange male voice says something in this undecipherable evp.

Photographs - Click to enlarge

Strange LightStrange Light Close Up

The photos above showing the bright light were taken during a slight rain, but the brilliance and shape of the light precludes a reflection. The location of the photos is in the area of evp activity.

Possible Apparition

The photo above of a possible apparition does not appear to be a reflection. The area where evp activity takes place is located near the stones seen to the left and behind this red granite stone.

Investigation Notes

The evp activity here is very consistent. Solid evp evidence has been gathered during multiple visits. The recorded evidence seems to come from intelligent entities, since investigators are called by name. According to our paranormal sensitive investigator, the spirit(s) here are not harmful, and seem to express a sense of gratitude that the investigators are attempting to prove their presence.


Based on a comprehensive look at the evp evidence gathered, photos taken and the historical facts and information provided, the 24:00 Projekt believes that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location.

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