Commercial Building - July 2010

This 5 story building, located in New Castle, was built in the early part of the 20th Century. The art nouveau building was quite opulent for the time, featuring retail space on the bottom floors and well appointed apartments on the upper floors.

Reported Activity

Feelings of anxiety, uneasiness and a strong sense of presence have been felt in various places throughout the building.

Audio and EVP

After the investigator asks for a name in one of the apartments, a voice seems to answer "David".

This noise was picked up by a static digital recorder in the same apartment. No one was on this floor at the time. A female voice says "wait" before the noise.

This voice from the unfinished attic area whispers something undecipherable.

Here's the same attic recording enhanced. What do you think?

We have no explanation for this unexplained noise from the attic area.

Our Talker Box, which theoretically converts phonemes into words with spirit-modulated EMF, forms the name of our investigator Patty. She identified the entity as "Murphy".

A whispered male voice says "Not that hard".

Intermixed with the voice of an investigator, a male voice seems to say "Naomi...under the rock".

A female voice says "Get out" in this recording from the unfinished attic area.

After the investigator asks if the spirit can make the light on the K2 Meter go out, a voice seems to answer what sounds like "not right now". A different answer to the exact same question is presented in the video below.


A Different Answer
In this full spectrum video, a clear whispered voice answers "no" to request to make the light on the K2 Meter go off. The two different answers, from two different pieces of equipment, were recorded at the exact same time.

Investigation Notes

This initial investigation did produce some interesting audio phenomena, intriguing results from experimental equipment and quite a a few personal experiences. However, outside audio contamination and the large size of the building precludes us from accurately determining whether paranormal activity is going on here. The 24:00 Projekt has scheduled an additional investigation at this location at a more favorable time to minimize noise contamination and to more completely investigate the building.


Although we feel there is a good chance that paranormal activity is occurring at this location, at this time the 24:00 Projekt is unable to confirm or deny this.

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