Commercial Building - Part 2 - September 2010

When the 24:00 Projekt investigated this five story New Castle building in July, we concluded that there was a good chance that paranormal activity was occurring here, but could not confirm or deny it without further research. On September 25th we returned to find out.

Reported Activity

During our initial investigation we documented interesting audio phenomena and some intriguing personal experiences at this location.

Audio and EVP

A voice says "I guess" in between the investigator's words in the front 4th floor apartment.

A soft whispered male voice says "Come with me".

This voice from the unfinished attic area says something undecipherable after two loud noises. All team members were on the ground floor at the time.

A whispered voices answers "why" when an investigator asks an entity to shake some wires hanging from the ceiling.

A strange voice whispers "because you hate me" in this chilling EVP.

This evidence was captured using a Raudive Diode, which picks up variances in sound from energy in the environment, not human voices or other normal sounds. This incredible recording says "help me, is someone there?" in a strange clear voice.

Photographs - Click to enlarge

Face on WallFace on Wall Close Up

The photos above seem to show a possible face manifesting on the wall. The location of the photos is in an area that produced some interesting EMF readings.

A Single Ball of LightMultiple Balls of Light

These photos show strange balls of light in a dark and dirty room in the basement of the building. There was absolutely nothing in this room that could have caused these anomalies.


Watch for the moving ball of light in the Infrared video above. This anomaly can not be explained as dust, as it seems to be emitting its own light. This video was captured in a room with high, fluctuating EMF readings.

The two moving anomalies in the Infrared video above are baffling. The first appears to be a slowly falling speck of dust, until it radically changes speed and direction near the radiator where the arrow appears. The second arrow points out an anomaly that quickly appears, travels a short distance at a high rate of speed, then disappears.

Investigation Notes

Something paranormal, meaning not scientifically explainable, seems to be going on in this building. Both investigations produced quite a bit of evidence that must be considered paranormal in nature. The evidence, however, does not show beyond a shadow of a doubt the building is "haunted" by any identifiable entity or entities who may have been former residents or were familiar with the building. Based on personal experiences and previous knowledge, however, some of the evidence suggests the possibility that a deceased previous owner of the building may be present. Additional research would be required for us to determine if an identifiable entity resides within the building.


Based on the evidence gathered, the 24:00 Projekt believes that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location.

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