Are Ghosts Real?

Have you ever experienced an encounter with the paranormal? Have you ever visited or lived in a place that was haunted? Currently there is no concrete scientific explanations for these phenomena. However, as technology improves, so do our chances of proving the existence of the paranormal. Are ghosts and hauntings real? We believe so.

The 24:00 Projekt

The 24:00 Projekt is a paranormal investigation and research organization based in New Castle, Pennsylvania using objective research methods and the latest equipment to help us locate and document paranormal activity. Our mission is to help people understand what may be occurring in their home or business and also to further knowledge of paranormal activity. We're not thrill-seekers, we're looking for answers. All of our services are always free of charge.

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What Have We Found?

What are ghosts? No one knows for certain, but we've collected solid paranormal evidence and have experienced undeniable interaction with ghosts. We follow sound analytical protocols during investigations and attempt to rule out all naturally occurring phenomenon, such as human influence, environmental affects or errors by reasonable assumption and scientific processes so that the only other explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature. Our detailed reports contain only legitimate pictures, videos, and evps from our investigations.

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