24:00 Projekt Paranormal Research

The 24:00 Projekt Team holds itself to a very high standard for paranormal evidence. We scrutinize the evidence we collect very carefully and critically. The following detailed reports contain only legitimate pictures, videos, and evps from our past investigations and ongoing hunts.


  • Commercial Building - This 5 story building, located in New Castle PA, was built in the early part of the 20th Century.
  • Commercial Building - Part 2 - During our first investigation we could not confirm parenormal activity here. One month later we returned to find out.
  • Conkle Farm - The Conkle Farm, part of Beaver State Park in Ohio, is where bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd was shot down in 1934.
  • Hillview Manor - Hillview Manor is a three floor, 63,000 square foot abandoned nursing home facility in New Castle, PA.
  • Local Cemetery - The investigation of this local cemetery near New Castle, PA continues on an ongoing basis.
  • New Castle Playhouse - The New Castle Playhouse building, built in the early part of the 20th Century, was originally a Vaudeville theater.
  • North Beaver Township House - There seems to be a lot of incidence of death associated with the area around this location.
  • North Beaver Township House - Part Two - Our investigations have convinced us that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring here.
  • Oak Park Manor - This historic house was once the caretaker's home, a funeral parlor, and the cemetery office of Oak Park Cemetery in New Castle, PA.
  • Ohio State Reformatory - The Ohio State Reformatory is considered one of the most active haunted places in the United States.
  • Stritmater Building - The ornately styled Stritmater Building, now home to Lanigan's Irish Pub in New Castle, PA, was built in 1881.
  • Stritmater Building - Part Two - The 24:00 Projekt returned to the Stritmater Building a year later to find out what or who may be haunting the location.
  • Miscellaneous - Bits and pieces of evidence from other locations we've visited.
Investigators-in-Training Wanted!
The 24:00 Projekt is seeking serious and professionally minded individuals to join our ranks as investigators-in-training. If you have the right attidtude and/or skills, are skeptical yet open to possibilities, and are from the New Castle area…then you may be what we need. Please apply asap!

What goes on during an investigation? What methodology is used? The 24:00 Projekt Team utilizes proven scientific and quantitative research methods to establish a high degree of accuracy and authenticity.