Miscellaneous Paranormal Evidence

Bits and pieces of evidence from other locations we've visited but didn't produce much evidence or that we didn't have the opportunity to fully investigate.

Graveyard Pond

After defeating the British on Lake Erie in the War of 1812, Oliver Hazard Perry waited out the winter of 1813 on Presque Isle at Misery Bay, near Erie, PA. During the long winter, Small Pox began to spread amongst his men. When his men began to perish, Perry ordered that their bodies be buried at sea in an adjacent pond. As the horrible disease began to unleash itself upon all of his crews, Perry made the decision to bury the dying there also; tying stones around their bodies he sank them beneath the waters of what was to become known as Graveyard Pond before the disease took their lives.

This EVP was recorded on the shore of Graveyard Pond. There seems to be multiple voices whispering. What do they say?

Hotel Conneaut - Conneaut Lake, PA

The Hotel Conneaut, located inside the old Conneaut Lake Amusement Park, opened its doors in 1903 and has changed very little since then. It features 150 rooms, old time, turn-of-the-century ambiance, and a rich history of legend and reported paranormal activity.

"Where You Going?" - A male voice whispers "where you going?" in this evp recorded in one of the guest rooms.

Private Residence - Mercer County, PA

We captured a strange moving mist that follows the camera in these photos shot looking into the basement window at a rural location in Mercer County, PA.

Moving Mist  Moving Mist

Private Residence - Ellwood City, PA

The following EVP's were recorded in a private residence. The owner was a widow who's spouse had passed away in the near past.

"Hey" - A male voice clearly says "hey" in this recording.

"Woohoo" - A soft voice seems to say "woohoo" in this recording.

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