Private Home - North Beaver Township - Spring 2011

When the 24:00 Projekt initially investigated this rural home near New Castle PA, we concluded that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location. Based on the evidence gathered and personal experiences, the 24:00 Projekt believed that multiple entities are responsible for the phenomena.

The 24:00 Projekt has performed further research on two different occasions to better understand the phenomena and possibly find out what exactly is going on within the building. During the reveal for our initial research, we initiated as short investigation with a limited amount of equipment. Later a full investigation was performed during major renovation of the house in anticipation of a possible increase in activity.

Reported Activity

After our initial research, additional phenomena consisting of unexplained scratches and shadow figures have been reported at this location.

Audio and EVP

"I'm in a hurry" - During the initial investigations the basement produced some interesting audio phenomena. In this recording, a child's voice says "I'm in a hurry" as the evp activity here continued.

"Help me" - A voice whispers "help me" in the basement.

"We opened your eyes" - A strange male voice seems to say "we opened your eyes" in this eerie recording from the basement.

"Yes" - Historical research shows that a previous owner of the house once accidentally killed a young woman with a car. A voice seems to confirm this in this recording. The answer is followed immediately by an unexplainable hit on our e-probe, which detects electric fields.

Here's the answer from the same recording amplified and filtered to remove noise.

"Come here" - A male voice says "come here" in the basement.

"Die" - The kitchen, a spot that was quiet during previous investigations, produced some of the most interesting evidence. A male voice seems to whisper an ominous message in this recording.

Here's the whispered message enhanced for clarity.

"Lemon pie" - A previous lady of the house loved to make lemon pies according to historical research. When asked if the smell of lemon pie was in the kitchen, a voice seems to confirm this.

Here's the answer from the same recording enhanced for clarity.

Photographs - Click to enlarge

Thermal imaging cameras, also called Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), can theoretically detect temperature fluctuations generated when an entity is present. Theoretically ghosts effect the surrounding environment by drawing heat from the air, or by producing heat.

Ths photo below was taken as a warm spot moved down a stair banister. The speed of the hand print and the time required between FLIR shots prevented more than one photo being taken.

Moving Hand Print on the Banister

Investigation Notes

Our continued investigations here produced a lot of compelling evidence that has further convinced us that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location. There is a lot of background history here that associates the area around this location with death. This makes us believe that paranormal activity may not be confined only to this private residence.

Based the evidence gathered and personal experiences, we believe that multiple entities are responsible for the unexplained phenomena at this location. The evidence seems to suggest a haunting or hauntings that, with further research, could be attributed to entities tied to the place.


Based on personal experiences and the evidence gathered, the 24:00 Projekt believes that legitimate paranormal activity is occurring at this location.

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