Stritmater Building - October 2010

The ornately styled Stritmater Building, now home to Lanigan's Irish Pub in New Castle, PA, was built in 1881. It originally was home to the Stritmater Bros. dry goods store, owned by William A. Stritmater and brothers James and Joseph. They were dealers in millinery, carpets, merchant tailoring, boots and shoes.

Reported Activity

Interesting paranormal phenomena have been reported here including the sound of running feet in the back hallway late at night, objects moving, loud noises in the kitchen, and physical contact in the basement.

Audio and EVP

"Thank you" - A voice whispers "thank you" after the investigator asks for someone to "talk to us" in the rear basement.

The sound of a soft whistle can be heard after the investigator says "We came to play" in the rear hallway.

"It's clickity clack" - A voice whispers "it's clickity clack" in the rear hallway.

"It's coming" - Two voices, one whispered followed by one very strange sounding male voice, say "it's coming" in the rear basement.

"Gonna get yah" "That'll do it" "Tough break" - Three different voices appear to carry on a conversation in the rear basement.

"I knew it" - When asked to talk, a whispered voice says "I knew it" in the rear hallway.

"Yeah" - A long, drawn out voice whispers "yeah" in between investigators conversing in the rear basement.

"That's right" - A voice says "that's right" in the rear basement.

"Annie" - This voice saying "Annie" was recorded in the rear hallway. Store owner William A. Stritmater's daughter Emma Anna "Annie" died when she was almost 3 years old.


Ball of Light
A strange ball of light passes in front of a curtain in this Infrared video from the rear hallway. Notice how the light disappears as it reaches the edge of the curtain.

Investigation Notes

After setting up a full array of equipment, the investigation began at approximately 9:30 P.M. All of the documented evidence was collected in the hallway and basement at the rear of the building. Our sensitive felt that a little girl was present in the back hallway and the name "Annie" was recorded. Also, the spirits of men working may be present in the rear basement.


Paranormal activity seems to be going on in this building. This investigation produced some interesting evidence that we were not able to explain. The 24:00 Projekt will be scheduling a second investigation in the near future to substantiate this possibility.

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