Stritmater Building - Part 2 - October 2011

When the 24:00 Projekt originally investigated the ornately styled Stritmater Building in 2010, we concluded that paranormal activity was most likely going on there. In October, 2011 we returned to the building, now home to Lanigan's Irish Pub, to focus on the areas that were most active in an attempt to find out more about what or who may be haunting the building.

Reported Activity

After our initial research, additional phenomena consisting of continuing footsteps in the back hallway, tv's unexplainably turning on in the middle of the night, apparitions and disembodied voices have been reported at this location.

Audio and EVP

"You Care" - A male voice whispers "you care" in this EVP from the front of the restaurant near the fireplace.

"No s*#t" - A male voice seems to whisper something nasty in the back hallway.

"Something There" - A male voice whispers "something there" in this EVP from the back hallway.

"Yes" - A voice seems to answer "yes" when an investigator asks whether someone likes to run in the back hallway at night.

Here's the enhanced answer slower and with noise reduced.

Our Ovilus X experimental ITC device says "boy" in phonetic mode, then a voice seems to answer when an investigator asks for confirmation in the back hallway.

Here's the enhanced answer. What is it saying?

"Help Me" - Our Ovilus X experimental transcommunication device says "help me" in phonetic mode from the rear basement.

This strange moan was recorded in the rear basement.

"Come Back and Visit" - A male voice seems to whisper "come back and visit" in the rear basement.


Although not visual in nature, our video equipment captured some interesting audio evidence in the rear basement.

Moan - Rear Basement
This soft, female sounding moan was recorded near the boiler in the rear basement.

"I Don't Want To" - Rear Basement
A voice answers "I don't want to" next to the boiler in the rear basement after an investigator asked if the spirit could light up the lights.

Investigation Notes

Evidence suggests that more than one entity inhabits this location. One seems to be a man who was badly burnt in the basement. Our two sensitive psychics pointed out his existence independently without sharing information.


Based on personal experiences and documented evidence, the 24:00 Projekt feels that there is legitimate paranormal activity occurring at this location.

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